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Please note: all photographs are provided for home use only on one computer.
Photographs are copyrighted by Virtual Chocolate. For the protection of Virtual Chocolate and its suppliers, pictures available through the Virtual Chocolate are digitally watermarked and registered with Digimarc.
Photographs are not to be used for publication, either in print or on the web.


1.  Choose Chocolate or Flowers

2.   Click on the image size you would like, wait for the image to load, then use your Netscape or Internet Explorer option to "set as wallpaper" (right click the loaded image).

3.   Enjoy!  (note: see wallpaper rotation program download notes below)

chocolate wallpapers  flowers wallpaer

Wallpaper Rotation Program
If you would like to have a wonderful program which will rotate these
chocolate and flower photos for your wallpapers, plus has the
advantage of using smaller file sizes and less memory,
go to http://www.ivory.org/panorama.html for program information
or directly to http://www.ivory.org/software/panorama.zip to download.
(Be patient as we have experienced slow server speeds there).

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